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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. this is 11 news at noon. >> he is the founding father of the ravens franchise who bawled -- brought football back to baltimore. today, we say goodbye weart modell. -- to art modell.
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modell passed away today at the age of 87. he passed away with his sons at his side. we are joined live from sports legend museum with a look at the life of a sports legend. >> here in baltimore, he is a legend. he is a man who was respected and loved. jerry sandusky looks back on the life of the man who brought football back to basketball. >> art modell thought he would call cleveland home for the rest of his life. baltimore was returned to the nfl. but he was prevented from returning to cleveland for the rest of his life. >> ladies and gentlemen and
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friends of friends. >> modell never look back. he never try to hide how torn he felt about making the decision. >> no matter how promising baltimore is. i love the city of baltimore and i love the people. it is similar in makeup as it is in cleveland. but it hurt terribly to see that last game. >> only five seasons after bringing the nfl back to baltimore, modell dedicated the lombardi trophy to the city of baltimore. >> thank you very much. to the people of baltimore city, to the people in baltimore county, and to the state of maryland, this belongs to you. >> to let his more than 40 years in the nfl, modell's love of the
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game never wavered. he realize football would become a marriage of destiny. >> my passion for the game of pro football was new in those days. a thanksgiving day, 1934, the dodgers against the old giants. it has been good to me and i hope i have been good to the game. >> not only good to the game, but good to the business. modell played a pivotal role in expanding the business. his legacy will differ from the history books written in cleveland from those written in baltimore. >> i want to continue to enjoy my career. i want my children to stay in
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the sport. i am happy with what i have done over the years. i was thrilled to be part of the growth of this business. >> a former advertising man who grew up in new york, he spent most of his life pursuing what others thought was impossible. a family man, a businessman, a football man. the success of football immortality it eluded him. during his life, he saw hall of fame voters denied him entry. now his legacy must do his bidding. >> art modell was 87 years old. >> he will be missed. fans, players, and football executives around the country are theart modell. -- remembering art modell.
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ray lewis calls art a great man, a leader, father, and servants. i loved art as a man. he showed me what to strive for. a statement released minutes ago reit, art modell -- reads, modell was a pioneer whose influence continues to this day. we are remembering modell on our website. there you will find more on his polarizing life. plus get more reaction and see pictures on this timeline in baltimore. it is at the home page of
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a gray morning this morning. lots of cloud. mild temperatures and some rain moved in earlier this morning. rain showers have been heaviest to our south. the rain is beginning to take off in baltimore county and around the city and in howard county. the rain has let up. how much rain has fallen so far? the heaviest has been on the eastern shore around ocean city. 2-3 in. and more than that around the delaware beaches. most of our region has had less than a quarter inch of rain. we will hear more this afternoon or tomorrow and this weekend. >> thank you, john. now for an 11 news of date. the hartford county sheriff's
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office is mourning the death of one of its own. a deputy was killed in a car crash. the 14-year veteran was at the end of this shift when his car went off the road. according to video, it appears the car collided into a tree. because of the crash remains under investigation. maryland cultural officials are trying to get in front of the recent cases of west nile virus. labor and goods across central maryland will be sprayed. -- neighborhoods across in central maryland will be sprayed. -- across central maryland will be sprayed. officials are urging you to stay in -- inside if you live in that area. >> this reduces human exposure.
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>> for more information and a map of areas to be sprayed, it to our web site, coming up, clinton delivers a firing rallying call -- a fiery rallying call to democrats. hear about the speech everyone is talking about. and we will enter your pet questions. questions.
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>> tonight, president obama will except the democratic nomination. last night, bill clinton took the spotlight. he delivered a fiery defense of president obama. his words are driving the political conversation today. >> when we vote in this election, we will be deciding what kind of country we want to live in. if you want a winner-take-all, you are on your own society,
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uses -- should support the republican ticket. if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, a we are all in this together society, you should vote 4 barack obama and joe biden -- for barack obama and joe biden. >> still coming up, guess who is here? dr. oz is in the house. >> we are trying to get some sunshine in the picture. we have to get this rain out of the way first. details on the forecast just ahead. it has been raining in the ocean city a lot. the temperatures are just 63 degrees. >> tm hammond here -- dr. tim
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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>> welcome back to 11 news at noon. dr. oz is here. >> great to be here. i grew up in wilmington, delaware. >> season for is right around the corner. what can we expect from this season? >> i learned a lot about what i think america needs. i want to figure out why so many of us are stuck. we are going to launch the season at ellis island. it is where the country got started. immigrants came to get a new start in life. i want to focus on the parts of
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the body that people do not think are working for them. you can be booed your body. i will take back my name. -- reboot your body. i never license my name to anybody. >> you are going to make a point of stressing that. we have michelle obama coming on wednesday. i want to have some big name individuals who have a lot to say. i have a big agenda in i am proud of it. >> you have a big female following. you talk about female health. if you gave women one piece of device to change for better health, what could they do? >> women sacrifice themselves so much. if they are not healthy, they cannot take care of people around them. take a five minutes for yourself. i know how crazy it is for kids,
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husband, parents. go into the bathroom, sit-down and take five minutes for yourself to appreciate the good things in your life. >> it is crazy that that is the only place we have to go to be alone. >> it allows you to work smarter, not just harder. the other things we talk about, how to buy the right foods, how to give yourself purpose. it all becomes easier. >> i wish we had more time to talk to you. make sure you watch the 3:00, "dr. oz,"season four starting monday. >> >> now your insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we have been dealing with some rain shower activity. one batch of rain is beginning to move out. it is heavy on the eastern shore, especially around ocean
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city. we have only had four hundred stuff an inch of rain. we are -- 4/100 of an inch of rain. the grass pollens are in the moderate range. temperature wise, the rain has had an effect of that, too. they are down to 61. 78 in edgewood. 79 in westminster. in western maryland, temperatures are in the mid- 70's. here is satellite imagery showing this area of rain over our area. we are over the northwest aids in baltimore. the clouds are beginning to break up.
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-- we are over the northwest edge in baltimore. we could have some more storms this afternoon. a low pressure area offshore. that is helping to stir things up right now. there is another cold front out to the west. it will be coming in. between that in the heat of the afternoon, it will trigger some more thunderstorm activity. in the gulf of mexico, it is a little piece of what is left of isaac. one part of it went up into new england and another part headed down to the gulf of mexico. forecasters are watching that to see if it develops into an additional tropical feature. a lot of thunderstorms and activities south of louisiana. we also have leslie.
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eventually, leslie will turn north. now it is to the east of bermuda. then we have michael. 150 miles an hour winds. it does not look like it will affect anybody. the eyewall on michael is spectacular. the winds around that are running 150 miles per hour. we are feeling tropical out there. no-80's 4 highs. it depends on how sunshine we -- highs.s for the >> now your insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. -- the insta-weather future
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cast. rain chances go up saturday. by sunday, the humidity drops antipater's will only be in the 70's. -- and temperatures will only be in the 70's. >> dr. tim hammond is here to answer your pet questions with a cute kitty. >> we are on our 13th season. i do not have my name on any products in the stores. >> but you certainly like to promote them. this talk about pepper, who is up for adoption. >> a great city cap. we will slash the number about where you can get pepper. she has all of her shots. she needs a good home. >> we will pass that number
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along really quickly. 952-270-4295 to adopt pepper. we will start with some questions. my puppy is progressing in training, but i am still having trouble with nipping. >> if this is mean nipping, would invite you to call mark cats. if it is just puppy nipping -- when they start nipping, get them in a fixed state and we roared them -- reward them for concentrating on other things. if you make them stay, it stops the bad behavior. >> it is all about training.
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the next question. i have already led -- always lead might cat to go outdoors. what are the risks? >> number one risk is cars. there are rabies. there are all sorts of diseases out there, not the least of which are hidden diseases. all of the rat poisons that are out there and they wind of killing the cats. there are a lot of diseases. he should protect your cat by getting it vaccinated. it is an outdoor cat, microchip it. if it runs away, it will be found. >>, the of next, your maryland lottery midday pick -- coming up next, your maryland lottery
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>> now it is time for your maryland lottery pick three and pick four #is. >> good afternoon, maryland. your picked three numbers are4 4, 3, and another 3.
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433. the race track doubler is this sunday. head to a retailer for a chance to double your winnings. in your pick for numbers are 1, 4, 8, and the final number is 5. your pick for numbers are 14 -- 5. -- 1485. >> any more rain on the way? >> one that is moving east. the next highest chances are saturday and sunday. that will be a big changer. the humidity drops.
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>> thanks, john. thank you for joining us for
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